The only company to produce shaped silk.

Born of the marriage of design and science, Sericyne shapes natural silk and masters a unique technique. Their silk has the sheen and lightness of organza, and is as structured as paper.

Sericyne possesses exceptional know-how. They master a rare technique: the shaping of silk by the silkworm itself. Rather than spinning cocoons as they would normally do, their silkworms spin a variety of shapes.

Sericyne silk shines and glistens. It is a robust, elegant material. Sericyne creates collections of two- or three dimensional shapes made of natural silk. These silk shapes metamorphose into lamps, wall-hangings or screens, following the inspiration of designers, decorators and architects. They also make pieces to special order. Once the shaped silk has been produced, dyes, embroidery, stitching or even embossing may combine with their natural silk to create new colours, feels and light effects.

Un unico materiale con innumerevoli possibilità.
A unique material offering numerous possibilities.

Sericyne silk is a unique, luxurious material. Sericyne is the only company possessing the expertise to shape silk. They have filed a patent for their technique and its applications.

Unlike textile silk, Sericyne silk can be produced in three-dimensional shapes. It is also possible to include elements such as embroidery or gold flakes during the spinning phase.

Silk is one of the strongest fibres used in textiles. Their material is a non-woven silk, which makes use of both of the major components of silk: sericin and fibroin. Sericin is a natural gum and is usually eliminated in the traditional textile production process. They take advantage of its adhesive capacity to give their material structure and resistance.

Their silk has been laboratory-tested by the French Textiles and Clothing Institute (Institut Français du Textile et de l’Habillement – IFTH), the leading centre for the evaluation of textiles.

Sericyne, a high-quality service

High-quality finished products and meeting deadlines

Quality and perfection are key objectives that Sericyne has set itself in order to satisfy its customers. Each item that is produced by their workshop is therefore carefully checked before delivery. The Sericyne team responds very quickly to its customers’ requirements, showing a genuine commitment to delivering prototypes and series to customers within the shortest possible time, considering the necessary work of their silkworms. It’s a product made in France with the aim to revive silk production in the country. Their new material is 100% natural and environment-friendly. Unlike in the traditional textile industry, with their technique the silkworms are not killed. The insects can turn into chrysalides, then moths, and so the cycle can begin again the following year. Their products are made entirely by hand by their qualified craftsmen.

An heretic and iki silk!!