That’s the question posed by Milano Unica‘s anticipation of SPRING-SUMMER 2021 TRENDS  (an event held at  Fabrica Orobia last October 15th) that focuses on the theme of creative sustainability or sustainable creativity. In the spotlight, the “Z Generation” (Z Gen). The mysterious and fascinating ecosystem of young people born after 1990, aged between 13 and 28, grew up in perfect harmony with technology and social networks, so much to be called “Glass generation”, for their ability to interact with smart-glass monitors, tablets and smartphones. They are the first true social reformers, as in terms of relationships as in terms of consumption.

A complex generation, not always easy to see. Gen Z  virtualizes even the most intimate emotions, customizing and sharing online, but is also very attentive to the concrete reality of the environment, climate, slow food, social and cultural integration. A different language, made of “like” and “meme”. Another kind of entrepreneurial vision, reasoning in terms of “app” and “start-up”. A “Technological Renaissance” made of “gig entrepreneurs”, “technological artisans”, “virtual shops” shaped on the real needs of a market in a frenetic change.



Milano Unica takes its cue from this fascinating “Z Generation“, from its specific cultural dynamics, consumption and its new aesthetic canons, for the trends of the S / S 2021. An epochal break with the past that also involves the previous generations. The new sharing ways through the virtual hyper-connection didn’t cancel the most ancient need to be part of a group,  even for “Z Boys” and their followers from other generations. Boys and also elders continue to find confirmations and self-confidence when they share rituals, fashions, slangs, passions of their group. The new “tribes of belonging” are global and in constant communication, therefore more heterogeneous and inclusive. That’s a big difference compared to the past.

The “Z Generation” condenses in itself the sophisticated projection of the future 5.0 technology and, on the other hand, the same tribal characteristics typical of man since the dawn of civilization. Milano Unica has therefore decided to unite the future and the past in the TECHNOLOGY-TRIBE binomial. To define a creative and cultural synthesis, he chose ideal clans, from the north to the south of the world, mixing contemporary youth aesthetics with ancestral tribal expressions. Three symbolic places: Mexico City, Los Angeles and Papua New Guinea, originated three trends: Tropical Rave in Mexico City, Indian Chill Out in L.A. and British Clubbing in Papua.


The conference chaired by the president of Milano Unica, Ercole Botto Poala, with the participation of Emanuele Farneti, director of Vogue Italia and L’uomo Vogue; Claudia D’Arpizio, partner Bain & Company Luxury goods & fashion; Giusy Ferrè, journalist, writer and fashion critic; Luca Sburlati, CEO Pattern Spa, was impressive. SPECIAL GUEST Rankin, Photographer, co-founder of Dazed and Confused, founder of Hanger.

Among the issues emerged, the urgency to adapt the textile and clothing supply-chain to sustainable and ethical parameters. “Z Generation”   is increasingly oriented towards conscious consumption.  “Z Generation” wants to buy beautiful objects with a  great story, but also with the guarantee of a sustainable production. A product in harmony with the need to clean up the environment from an ethical and ecological point of view, and safeguard the earth from pollution.

We will discuss about that soon in a more detailed article.