In the Sony building of Ginza, the underground parking hides a surprise…

The Park-ing Ginza

You descend into a normal area of an underground parking and you find yourself in a very unique concept store …  The Parking Ginza.

In the center of the parking area, a coffee shop, in metropolitan style, welcomes visitors with aroma of precious coffee blends and Italian food, harmonizing with the rest of the environment.

Going down the stairs you can directly access the area where the concept store is developed in an original and enjoyable way.

The location has been left almost intact, creating the perfect setting for the products displayed.

A successful example of readjustment by the architect Nobuo Araki / The Archetype, definitely Eretikos and definitely iki!

Unfortunately, in the end of March, the entire Sony building will be demolished and The Park-ing with it.

The Sony Park will arise on the ashes of the previous building. It will be an open air green area which will host numerous events, in addition to the new Sony palace.

We can just wait for the new staging with curiosity… Goodbye Sony Building, Hello Sony Park.