Pitti Filati PE 2018 was concluded on January 27. An edition marked by contrasting harmonies and harmonic contrasts, whose icon is the Modern Woman, Cosmopolitan, but romantic. The game of soft hands, almost evanescent, which face hard and dry hands, made even more interesting by using fine yarns which emphasize the structure. Silk, synonymous of romance and refined luxury, is blended with unusual materials like cashmere and linen. The yarns, of fine titration, create voile and unusual cracks, thanks to original twists, very different from the traditional ones. The dyeing, always attentive and sophisticated, to the best shade, bride environmentally friendly processes, which emphasize the particular characteristics of each fiber. The print becomes a must. Irregular, faded, almost “maltinta”; dynamic as in the revolutionary paintings of “Scapigliati”. Transparency made by using polyester and polyamide yarns, and corrosion prints. Denim mid blue and shades of indigo delavè , are proposed as the “new neutral”, in the lived-in linen. Thin yarns and  high-tech finishing, Allowing lace effect workings, vintage crochet and impressive three-dimensional structures. Natural fibers, such as linen and cotton, take on a new vibrancy, interweaving with shiny viscose and colorful polyamides . Coatings, prints, small chains in overlap, light armor, create knit sculptures of royal lightness. The research area entitled “The Passenger,” starring the journey and the traveler, in all its meanings. The journey conceived as a personal or collective experience, where you can be yourself and recite a moment outside of daily moods.