As suggested by Première Vision, Spring Summer 2018, guide, at a first glance, trends would seem clear, attractive, and of easy reading. In reality, under the familiar look, they hide artifices that contradict appearances, and lead us on an experimental field from which materials of new flavor take origin. Natural material blends with synthetic and artificial one, towards astonishing futuristic views of intensity, volume and lightness.

Première Vision trends Spring Summer 2018 suggests five main themes:

  • Airiness
    Under the sign of the air.
    Refined materials with open hands, lightened up to the limit of transparency.
    Jacquards fils coupé, wider English embroideries, or laces with large net.
    Ribbons mixed with meshes, translucent button.
    While sophisticated perforations and laser interventions make airy leather like lace.
Tendenze Première Vision primavera estate 2018
  • Clues of naturalnes
    Natural materials while remaining an inexhaustible source of inspiration, lose their intrinsic characteristics and irregularities, surrendering to refined synthetic or artificial melanges. The password is to transform rusticity, sophisticating and making it an enriching factor.
Tendenze Première Vision primavera estate 2018
  • Extreme hands
    Arid, expressive, ultra-dry touch fabrics. Dehydrated leather.
    A very thin and nervous drapery, linen with pushed vegetable hand, synthetics and cottons  with paper hand. Metal accessories: buttons, buckles, rings, with finishing sandblasted. Labels with gypsum coatings, and wrinkled flax or jute tapes.
Tendenze Première Vision primavera estate 2018
  • Contemporary Tribal
    City tribal spirit. Streetwear and citywear get ancestral energy from crafted folk, getting away from schemes and standardization. The urban sportswear is made with embroidered fabrics, with a “hand-made” look. Technical fabrics Tye and dye and ikat. Buckles and zip as amulet imitation. Leather fantasies tribal inspiration. Ethnic-inspired projected towards the future of a new urban exoticism, by modern materials and graphics.
Tendenze Première Vision primavera estate 2018
  • Incidents on purpose
    A “just aged” look is pointed out. Stones, resins and buttons gently cracked. Scratched and scuffed leathers on purpose. Cleverly mixed yarns. Worn aspects, from silky jacquard to jeans. Blurred, eroded motifs. The refined imperfection becomes a differentiating element.
Tendenze Première Vision primavera estate 2018