Knitwear Trend Forecasts 18/19

Pitti Immagine Filati

Firenze – Fortezza Da Basso       June 28- 30  2017

The Human Edition

“The human edition” is the title of the research space, knitwear trend forecasts, of Pitti Immagine Filati for the Fall-Winter 18/19.

A philosophical reflection in knit that focuses on the human being and his needs for naturalness, depth, harmony and rules.

It’s a human being that cannot ignore nature, to which he must make a clever return. Therefore, a modern human being that can’t live without technology, a multi-faceted futuristic medal.  That’s why he must be able to exploit good aspects of it and avoid the threats from it, keeping a close connection with nature and spirit.

An interesting speculation, articulated in 8 themes, of great emotional impact and refined elegance.  It’s a path that finds the right mix of colors and shapes, in a very successful verbal and material reflection of the curators, Angelo Figus and Nicola Miller, with the layout of Alessandro Moradei.



It is the main theme that characterizes all the other 7, inspired by the figure of Rudolf Steiner and his Anthroposophy.

It’s the quest for a master who points to a clear path for contemporaneity, embracing architecture, nutrition, well-being, health, art, pedagogy and movement. That means fundamental guidelines, which trace a path indispensable to reach a higher point of awareness. Furthermore it may help ford the river of uncertain lack of references, which is our time. A time when everything looks possible, as virtually as in reality.

Knitwear trend forecasts

The garments are classic, over fashion, comfortable and well finished.  Made to last through time. The colors are as deep and rich as the conscious spirit, timeless and fascinating.


Intended as a man made of body-soul-spirit that creates a unique individual, with its merits and its defects.

That is a blend of races that go along a path of elevation, giving rise to mixed blood individuals who are enriched by different cultures. Moreover a familiar path to our beautiful Italy. For example, it’s possible to find a great summary of “mixed heritage” in Sicily, where the succession of different millennia populations and the resulting blend of races, styles and costumes, have produced an artistic and cultural heritage of excellence.

Knitwear trend forecasts

The knitwear, even following the lines of the body, rounds it, softens it, emphasizing its volumes. The hands are velvety and, in times, inaccurate, like the skin, with its seductive imperfections.


The doll has a special place among the games.

Through dolls, children move their first steps towards sociality, projecting, in the shape of the doll, which takes different characters depending on the situation, themselves.

In that meaning, Waldorf dolls are made of natural and simple materials. They are stuffed with sheep wool. The expression is just mentioned, so the child can imagine it according to ego or mood.

Knitwear trend forecasts

The knitwear of this theme are amorphous and do not follow the body, suggesting not defined contours, warm and enveloping, that lead back to childhood.


Eurhythmics is an art of movement invented by Steiner, which seems to be a synthesis of all the arts.

Namely the arts that take place in space, such as architecture, sculpture, painting and those that take place over time, such as music and poetry.

However eurhythmics should not be confused with dance. It is, instead, a spiritual experience in which the body becomes the verb carrying the cosmic thought. Dresses are preferably in silk.

Knitwear trend forecasts

The knits of this theme are fluid, lightweight, with overlapping transparencies of different color and thickness. An alternation of warm and cold colors, feminine and masculine in harmonic balance.


The use, in the diet, of spontaneous plants is still present, nowadays, but very sparingly.

A typical practice of animals, indigenous tribes, poorer populations and great chefs.

Knitwear trend forecasts

Edible and colorful plants, flowers, wild fruits, give the shape to the knits of this theme.

The shapes are those of outdoor dresses, such as parka, montgomeri and vests, made more interesting by unexpected and rugged surfaces.

Colors are inspired by vegetable ones, such as pink cicerchia, yellow dandelion and blue borage. Experiments with uncommon vegetable fibers, and the preference for natural dyeing and finishing, give a holistic meaning.


Plant remedies have been used since ancient times to treat men and animals disorders and illnesses.

That is a practice considered “magic” in the past, which then assumed a more scientific character, giving rise to the natural medicine, such as Chinese, Ayurvedic and Herbal medicine.

In fact, the plants contain active ingredients, essential for medical therapies, beauty treatments and nutrition.

Nutrition with healthy food, and treatments with natural medicine, are becoming an increasingly widespread trend, as well as being a life requirement.

Knitwear trend forecasts

The items of this theme get inspiration by the ancient wizard pharmacists’ dresses. Aprons and shirts. Transparencies of stills. Encrusted powders on rugged surfaces. Colors of officinal plants and herbal powders.


Biodynamics is a science that puts man at the center of the farm.

Man is the factors coordinator. It is to say that all, microorganisms, insects, animals, plants, humans, collaborate in the farm production system, which becomes an indivisible entity.

This kind of agricultural technology, allows producing almost everything needed for the production cycle, within the farm. That means there is no need to use external products and factors.

The respect of the work calendar, marked by the moon phases, is fundamental.

Knitwear trend forecasts

Knitwear is inspired by the earth. For example, by the squares with three-dimensional furrows of the countryside. Loose, soft, comfortable knits. The bright colors are those of the fields and remind Van Gogh‘s palettes.


Of all arts, music is the most spiritual. It goes directly to the soul, putting the human being in contact with the divine.

Music has an effect on water molecules and therefore affects our body, that of animals, plants, and all the things that contain it.

Music is the most effective factor of aggregation and share. When it is made and listened live, it generates vibration and extraordinary energy.

Knitwear trend forecasts

The knits are inspired by musical instruments and sheet music. The volumes are rounded. The surfaces are woody but also metallic such as brasses. A symphony of raised points and vibrating work. The color is blue with all its shades.

Students and Schools

Beautiful proposals from schools and students present at Pitti Immagine Filati, knitwear trend forecasts A / I 18-19.