It’s a different exhibition, the one of Jitac Tokyo. We would expect to find a trends area that instead there is not, and an exposition in line with other trade fairs, which instead is much more Spartan. The stands do not have a display space. The collections are hung up next to each other, without a specific differentiation, if not for the agency. Nevertheless …  after the initial bewilderment, you find yourself immersed in the sea of beauty and quality of the fabrics, mostly Italians, who have no need of large presentations, to be appreciated. And here you are: Lusi’s embroidery, Piero Galli’s cloquet, Sophie Hallette’s laces, Clerici’s silk jacquard, Taroni’s and Ratti’s silks, Piacenza’s draperies, Brugnoli’s jersey, Taiana’s cottons, Mahlia Kent’s fancy fabrics, among more than 450 companies presented. An extract from whole collections of each company, designed for Japanese market needs. Perhaps a bit more pathos, would make the exhibition more attractive, boosting creativity and enhancing products with a suitable frame.