What better wishes for a happy new year, although now forwarded, than welcoming you in our new neo blog! You must be wondering what you can find in a blog Eretikos and iki …. If Eretikos means “a person who knows how to operate independent and informed decisions “, and iki means elegance … what you will find, is original excellence without borders.

Our goal is to create a place for connoisseurs of design industry, textile and clothing, but not only. A place for people who love the “done to perfection” harmonious beauty, sometimes dystonic, even irreverent, in every field; and loves to share the pleasure of discovery and rediscovery. Free from diktat, following excellence in its sublime essence of masterpiece.

A meeting and discussion place for people who, like me, are in love with details. If you  like it, we will go together to the discovery of old and  new, tradition and  innovation that meet each other, or collide, generating results, often unexpected and of great interest